La Casa de los Espiritus (The House of Spirits)

(A place for mysticism and connection- 03/07/2018)

My visit to Lima has been one of the most unconventional stays during my trip. It is well know for being a culinary center where to eat most delicious food. And, although I had quite good couple of meals there, for me Lima was a place for spiritual nurturing.

Perhaps the constant fog that covered Lima during the 8 days I stayed there was a manifestation of its mysticism and special vibrational energy. I did not see the sun while I was there, but the city ended up being a place of other sorts of light.

Lima is, certainly a tough place: a city that has quickly grown inorganically to reach 9 million, lacking a proper public transport system and with the most congested traffic in South America….. But in the middle of that chaos, new friendships were forged along the relighting of old ones.

New friends like Leandro (there is a post about him) or like Miguel and Carlos. After 3 cancellations in a row of a different places I booked, I ended up in despair as I had no place to stay. Through a network of friends of friends I ended up meeting Miguel and lately his flatmate Carlos. Although the initial purpose was to help me during my accommodation crisis, we ended up making a beautiful friendship and spiritual connection.

It wasn’t perhaps a coincidence that in the weeks before my Ayahuasca session (which took place in Lima and for which I am making another post) I started to get in touch with lots of spiritual/metaphysical contents about who we are, where we come from, about our transcendence, eternity and what happens after death.

Some of these theories are quite interesting. And from the narrative point of view fascinating, whether we can believe in them or not. The origins of humanity as an inference of a more advance alien intelligence, the re-incarnation circle of Samsara, the purpose of having recurrent dreams and hypnotic regressions to find out about previous incarnations of our soul… all of these topics were boiling inside me during the past weeks. And I had fantastic conversations with Miguel and Carlos about them. So finding people who could be part of that process and share their own knowledge wasn’t a random thing. The universe is wisdom, and places the right people and information along your path.

But Lima was also a place to meet again with an old friend. After weeks of trying to communicate with her, I finally reached my friend Rocio.

Rocio and I know each other from my time in Madrid, same place and time as Rodrigo (whom I re-encountered in Santiago in April). Rocio has been always a woman of special spiritual sensitivity. Always in touch with our transcendence and the reality around us that many times we are not able to feel, Rocio channels her energy by writing and mediating.

Same as my encounter with Rodrigo, meeting up someone after 25 years always bring you some anxiety. However, this time was easier. The warmth and wonderful experience I had reconnecting with Rodrigo in April, made me more confident. So this time would go well as well.

In addition, there was the spiritual side of Rocio. Something that 25 years ago, I was not ready to keep up with but that now, in the light of my journey the past months and recent experiences, I was ready and keen to share.

However, on the day of our meet, same questions came back to me: will she look the same or very different, will we have a fluid conversation or not….. But this time, I didn’t need to prepare myself with a couple of drinks prior our meeting.

We met in one of the most trendy cafes in Miraflores and it was like those 25 years were only 25 months. She look exactly the same and our conversation was as if those years didn’t pass. After few beers, she took me to a birthday party of her friends where I ended up meeting some really nice people, especially her friend Milca.

It was another highlight to meet and reconnect with an old friend after 25 years, and again, not only reconnect with her but making new friendships. That night I went to bed with a smile and nice feeling inside.

So good to meet you again Rocio, and speak about our life events, our projects and spiritual stuff. This trip is not one-off event, but the reinstate of a part of my that I did not cultivate the past years. Thank you for all the things we shared and for your wonderful book. Till we will meet again, which will be soon.

La place des grands hommes

(Reencuentros- 20/04/2018) 

¿Alguien conoce esta maravilla de cancion de Patrick Bruel?

La canción describe un encuentro entre viejos amigos que acordaron verse en una fecha futura concreta…. y ver qué ha acontecido en sus vidas durante ese período (en la canción son 10años).   De camino a la cita, el protagonista expresa su ansiedad y sus inquietudes: quienes irán, cómo estarán…. seguirán igual o no los reconoceré….. qué experiencias habrán vivido y sobre todo … ¿seguiremos siendo amigos y tendremos algo de que hablar?

Bueno, pues 4 meses después de haber comenzado mi viaje llegó mi momento Plaza de los Héroes.

Durante mi época universitaria en Madrid, hice amistades con gente de toda Sudamérica que residían en el Colegio Mayor donde me hospedaba. Amistades que, por circunstancias de la vida, no contactaba desde hacía muchísimos años. Así, cuando decidí que haría un viaje por este bello continente, uno de mis objetivos era volverme a reencontrar con aquellas amistades.

Y héme aquí, en Santiago de Chile a punto de reencontrarme con el primero de esos viejos amigos, Rodrigo, al cual no veía desde hace 25 años…..  Al igual que en la canción, el encuentro me producía cierta ansiedad y dudas.  Años atrás fuimos amigos cercanos pero desde que abandoné Madrid abruptamente no volví a tener contacto. ¿Cómo sería el encuentro? ¿Tendríamos conversación y conexión despues de tanto tiempo? ¿O rápidamente nos daríamos cuenta de que fuera de las anécdotas del pasado no queda nada más?

La comunicación intermitente durante las semanas previas al encuentro no ayudaba a disipar mi inquietud al respecto, en todo caso, lo contrario.  En el día anterior al encuentro, Rodrigo me comunica que viene con un amigo….. ¡Un amigo! ¿Para qué diablos trae un amigo a nuestro encuentro?

Llegado el día, me preparé con calma.   A pesar de que muchas veces lo hago, odio llegar tarde. Así que me puse en el centro de Santiago 40min antes de la hora prevista y  busqué un lugar donde relajarme previo al encuentro y donde poder tomarme un litro de cerveza (2 Pintas) las cuales me ayudaron a relajarme y afrontar la situación con más calma. Mis amigas las cerverzas me hicieron entender que el hecho de que trajese un amigo no significaba que Rodrigo estuviese adisgusto con la idea de encontrarse…. Quizás querría traer a su pareja al encuentro, o simplemente tenía ansiedad con el encuentro al igual que yo y la presencia de un amigo haría todo más relajado.  Al final de cuentas yo decidí afrontar la situación en modo británico y él escogió otras vías…. Así que me dije a mi mismo “todo está bien”.

Ultimos minutos antes del encuentro y  la letra de la canción pasaba por mi cabeza palabra por palabra…… ¿Se pueden beber 25 años en un café?

Al final lo pasamos bacan. Y no sólo me re-encontré con mi amigo, sino que hice uno nuevo, Eduardo. Fuimos a comer, luego a tomar café y después un licor.  ¡E incluso nos dió tiempo a hacernos algunos retoques!

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