Alice in Wonderland

(A conversation between Alice and Mr Dodo, Medellin – 03/11/2018)

Hey, when are we going to meet?
Hello Alice, you tell me… you know I have lots of time. Whenever you want
Oh well… we can meet up later today or tomorrow. We can do something during the day
– As you wish Alice. We can plan something during the day
– Ok, let’s have some drink together. Tomorrow I need to the Police and I don’t know how long they will retain me there
– Retain? How come? Shouldn’t Alice be travelling already? …. Well, in any case they will keep you there for a long time
– No no, my travel plans have ended. Now I want to stay quiet, I can tell you when I meet you
– Ok…. I know where are we going to go then in a couple of days. It is a magical place. Around 4pm. I will disclose details day after tomorrow in the morning.

And with that thought, Alice greeted him. They will meet up another day. A day of adventure, and above all, knowledge. But the next two days started with a heavy grey cover in the skies… Despite the torrential rain, Alice was optimistic about it.

– How are you today?
– Hello Alice…. I was going to contact you, but look how rainy it is…. and my species can’t travel in this rain, Alice……
– Ohhh……
– I know Alice, but we will have to postpone it
– Ok
– What about your trip, Alice?
– Oh well… Alice got dates
– Really?
– Yes, but until the day of my departure Alice will spend her time reading. That is what Alice is doing most of the days… In the afternoon, she takes a couple of drinks and that’s it
– I like that life, Alice…. What about the papers?
– Which papers?
– Will Alice come back to her previous life? Will Alice come back to the work cubicle?
– Only thing I can say is that Alice will go to the North in 2 weeks, looking for the sea
– Oh, you will never be the same person again, Alice
– Well…. I am not the same person anymore. Now Alice does not know how to come back…..
– Fantastic….! You found yourself Alice….. You were quite lost, Alice, that’s true.  But you will only know how to return if you know how to get lost
– Mr Dodo, you always speak to me in an encrypted manner as a way to maintain the mystery. You are a bit hard to catch…. but you know what? I have accepted you as you are. I have interesting conversations with you in any case. Everything is ok as it is….
– I am pleased to hear that from you, Alice
– Yes, it is better to accept things as they are… So you are saying that I was already lost?
– I am going to accept your invitation to lunch, Alice
– Ok…. Where?
– Tomorrow I will tell you where. You wont know until you get there
– Mmmmmm…….
– But if it rains before midday, it won’t be possible….. I have told you that my race doesn’t walk under the rain
– Which race is your race?
– We are the opposite of vampires. We live during the day and fear the night. And above all, we fear the rainy days….
– I think your nature is more complex than that. Your biology as standard human is just an external layer….
– I can see you are grasping it….. We don’t drink blood though. We eat vegetables
– You talk to me in an encrypted manner again. But it is ok, I am in learning mode and absorbing information. And there is knowledge I want you to share with me
– Knowledge…….  My soul is an old one
– Mine as well…..
– There is something more there… An interest in the beyond…. Something that you keep there…. A level of conscience to connect with….
– Uff… There has been a bang in my conscience. I have been absorbing an inmense amount of information….. So much that it produces vertigo. Lots of knowledge in such a short time…..
– I know. The plant of wisdom told me something about it, Alice…….  That you are already by the other side. That you would wake up here, in the middle of the world, my friend. How does it feel to be alive?
– By the other side? How do you know that if we have barely talked about ?
– Because my species always know….

– Answering your query about the vertigo, I will tell you that is normal. That is the feeling when we are born. Perhaps later on it will be different. You will get used to it. But right now is vertigo. Only that this time you don’t lose the ability of being surprised. It is normal. You look at the universe and realise how deep is everything you are discovering and facing. Your body will be less necessary in this journey. Your brain will show to you things that you didn’t know they existed. Just right front of your eyes. You will see how magical everything is
– Ufff…. I hope I don’t become mental….
– It is, in reality, very intense… but also very exciting. The whole universe is like a drug
– Ok, when I see you I will tell you my dreams… They have been quite revealing…
– Oh Alice…. You have grown a lot lately….
– How do you know that? Can you see it from your control panel? Is that a good or a bad thing?
– Me? I know nothing……
– Here we go again, the encrypted ways….. I consider you a creature of knowledge… And a bit mysterious too….
– Me? I am just normal…
– There’s more to you that meets the eye
– I know little… I go to school to learn….
– Yes Mr Dodo. You go to school to mix with the mortals, so you can understand them better….
– Ha ha… … yes
– This isn’t new for me…. I have known beings from other planets living in this one…..
– Oh well…. I am bored of this one. I want to be taken to another.
– Another what?
– Another planet. Here they all are mad… Can you imagine how it is out there? We are a plague over this beautiful world. We are a virus
– But you know that we cannot escape from this planet that easily…..
– I know…. We are trapped here trying to transcend
– We are trapped in a system that forces us to come back here again and again….
– Yes, there is something big behind….. What purpose is beneath? Who are we in reality? What reality are we creating without knowing it?
– I thought you would tell me…. but in that case I can share with you the little I know
– We are born, we grow and we die ….
– Yes, we are a like a virus, because we are asleep and we behave like giant amoebas…..
– Exactly, like a virus in a giant body…..
– Hence, my vertigo…. Which comes from knowing that we are trapped and obliged to stay asleep, spending half of our lives in the process of awakening, only to die and when you come back here turns out they slept you again…..
– That is how the game is played Alice….
– I don’t want to come back then
– Me neither Alice. I can tell you that I aspire to be disintegrated in such a way that I cannot be re-assembled in any way!
– Well, my spiritual master told me that inevitably we all come back here
– Really? What a sad thing, don’t you think, Alice?
 – Yes… the only way to escape is to reach a very high level of conscience
– Lets hope that the planets will align so we can get you out of the hole, Alice… it is time for you to come back
– Oh…. and you are coming with me?
– You can’t live there forever. You are in a complicated moment but it is normal
 – Come back where to?
– To the world…….
– Ok Mr Dodo, you speak interesting things again while keeping it encrypted…. are you like that with everyone?
– No, it is not the same for everyone….. The others only know the surface. Only few know my real age. And I have not seen the waking process in many….
– You havent told me your age
– Others have shown me their real age, how old is their spirit. But I have only known one soul. Life doesn’t pan out in the same way for everyone…..
– True….
– The majority are only simple mortals… And I emphasise the world simple…
– And what is your real age, Mr Dodo?
– You know it…. once upon a time, it was a task. You and I have the same age
– I am trying to do the calc of my own age, but I got lost counting…. Remember me please… I am performing too many processes at the moment
– The same age of the universe… my matter is as old as the creation is
– So you are saying that is time to come back to the world…. which world, mr Dodo? Where I am supposed to be now?
– Depends on which level of conscience you are…. You will need to hear the infinitum inside of you to get certain answers….
– Oh Mr Dodo…. it is very instructive to hear you
– You can’t live in wonderland for ever Alice, but you can always come back here. We will be waiting for you, Alice
– Come back? That means I was there? I thought I was in wonderland before waking up….
– You are here… in the chaotic present of a world full of wonders. You were trapped in the real world.
– And you want me to come back where I was?
– We only allowed you to see what could be different, but you are not ready to stay here yet. You will return where you coming from. But you will come back here, that is for sure
– Come back where?
– Here or another land where you can live in peace and harmony. You need to prepare yourself
– Ok…
– Journeys are made in metal birds that you will be using. But there will be a time you will not use them. This time you will leave your conscience and heart in your awakening. So you will come back to fetch them. You deserve a rest of your existence proper of someone who masters its destin
-Mr Dodo, you speak with riddles….. And you previously said the word ‘We’…. who else is with you?
– So many beings that you could not imagine

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