Forever Mind

(An answer to a very encripted question, London – 26/06/2019)

– Everything happens in the mind. There is no reality out there as we understand it. What you see, what you perceive as real is what your mind creates for you based on your coding, which is your own software. The set of rules and codes your mind has in order to interpretate data and to create a picture.

Only a group of selected people could join the Creator Programme. How you were selected was not clear, only those who reach certain level of consciousness could find the path to enter it. But even for those, it was not an easy thing to do. That kind of training does not belong to this dimension, the physical one. It was instead something from the upper dimensions, which can only be reached during our sleep, while people were dreaming.

Only then, during the dream, access to the programme would occur. It would require the skill of lucid dreaming in order to make the decision to join. Once accepted, access to the superior dimensions were granted.

The upper dimensions work like an expanded version of the ones we know. Our reality is a restricted spectrum of the frequencies of the universe. The information contained in superior dimensions is more comprehensive and vast. In other words, they have additional and higher frequencies. Frequencies that our physical bodies cannot process, as they are too dense. Only during the dreams we are able to leave our physical bodies behind and access these higher levels of information. And that is why the ability of lucid dreaming was required in order to navigate through them with a purpose, like for example the Creator Programme.

The course was organized around the instruction of a Mind Master in groups of 2 students per coach. That seemed to be the most effective ratio for learning. Bigger students groups dissipate the energy and slow the learning curve. But single students lack the stimulation of another pupil learning at the same time. That is why teaming in pairs was right: a bit of competition makes the whole thing more playful and stimulating.

The programme each day at the course was pretty intense. After clearing the brain from interferences and cloud thoughts, the Mind Master started the session explaining the laws of the universe and how the mind works with them. Once the concept was absorbed, time to spend the afterwards with practising exercises.

– Think of a digital TV. The image you see is a codification of data…. A sequences of 1 and 0, that the TV process to create an image you see. If another TV would use Hex code instead of Bin code, the image shown on the screen would be very different. The data is the same. What you see is the result of a specific encoding process. Change the code, you obtain a different output based on the same data.
– Oh…. Now I understand what drugs do…
– Exactly! When we put ourselves under the influence of certain substances, what we are doing is to bypass our in-built software and process the data under a different coding. That is why we have ‘visions’ and ‘altered perceptions’. Why we called them altered? Those perceptions are as real as the ‘normal’ reality. They both interpretations of the data received based on the software used. From the end user, there is no such thing as reality. It is just a perception.

The faces of Rasec and Methul showed how fascinated were about the topic.

– What makes you believe the software you have ‘installed’ is the correct one or the only possible one? The universe you live in, as you know it, is the result of your software. Without the software nothing would be perceived, there would only be the Big Void or the Infinite. Which, by the way, I would tell you that both are the same.

What a good question that was…. So what is reality? How is reality with no software? What is ‘really’ out there? Probably nothing…. Just waves and waves of cosmic data moving chaotically….. Just like an immense cloud of data containing the information of the entire universe. A quantum field of unlimited data with instant access. That is probably best definition of what God is.

Rasec remembered what Nicola Tesla once said: ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’. That sentence, that never fully understood, was making full sense now.

– The universe is made of matter. Matter is made of energy. Energy is made of data. The universe is data. So this is what this course is about. To take control of your data processing software and re-write where/when necessary. To configure your own reality, to create your own reality. Decoding and encoding reality by resetting your mind. It is time for both of you to run free in the universe.

They eyes of Rasec and Methul were open like owls. Listening to these words was fascinating. What a powerful presence the Mind Master was! They both didn’t know why they were selected to be there, but they embraced the experience. In their ‘normal’ life they were searching for a change, and this certainly was the most exciting thing that happened to them in a while.

– We are going to do some levitation. I want you Rasec to move from this square to the other one you see at the end without touching any ground.
– But I can’t do that!Rasec saidI can’t jump that far! I will have to step in between…
– What dictates that?
– Gravity. That’s a universal law.
– That is because you accepted the belief of that law. The moment you take that belief, you put yourself under the rule of that law. That act is, indeed, a running program in your mind. That is exactly what I am trying to teach you. There is no Law of Gravity until you believe it. Your beliefs manifest it.
– But the planets are following that law…. ! How can a planet decide about to believe something or not?
– My friend, how do you know what a planet is? Again you are perceiving things through the filter of your coding. And yet again, the result of your observation of gravity in planets is also your codification.

The concepts were becoming more complex….

– So now, erase the belief that there is gravity and go to the other square without touching the ground.

Rasec took a breath. He decide to start with a jump with the conviction that once elevated, there was no force taking him down. One, two, three…. and Jump! And it worked! He could stay up and gradually descend, like in a slow motion movie…

So if descending to the ground could be slowed down, staying up would be a matter of trying harder. Few attempts later, Rasec managed to travel to the end square without touching the ground.

– You’ve done it!!! So let’s move to the next. Let’s try teletransportation. All you need to do is to not take the belief that there’s space. There is no space. Is a mental construction. It is what your decoder builds in your head. That there’s distance and space. But all is there is data, and all data are instantly available throughout the entire quantum field. So now you can return here without crossing the space. Just manifest yourself here.

Rasec was initially reluctant. One think was to defy gravity and another to deny space. But decided to shake his head off and give it a try. Closed the eyes and one second later, when opened them, it was at the other end.

– Well done!

So you guys are starting to understand that it is all in your head. Master your head, master your thoughts, master your beliefs and you will master what it is manifested to you.

The next exercises entailed to break deeper and more entrenched beliefs. The notion of our own body, its limits and pain…..   The Mind Master made appear a big fire front of them.

– Now put your hands on the fire – said.

One thing is to try to levitate and another thing is to go against the integrity of yourself. But encouraged by the success of the previous exercises, Rasec ignored the little warning voice inside and trusted the instruction from the Mind Master. So he placed the hand and the forearm well into the fire.

The flames were swaying around the shape of the hand and he started to feel the heat of the fire. The Master Mind was observing the scene and he knew quickly that Rasec was still holding a limiting belief.

– Rasec! Drop your old belief! The fire and your hand are the same thing! They are just energy, just data!

Rasec looked closed the eyes for a second. Then he started to stare at the flames. To his surprise, the flames were no longer swaying around the shape of his hand, but swaying through his hand! His hand and the fire fluidly melted into the same ethereal appearance. Both things were indeed the same thing. And Rasec realised that no longer the fire was burning. He entered the blaze and danced along with the flames. What a feeling that was.

– So now you know that you and everything that you perceive out there are the same thing. There is no separation. The decoding applied is what creates the perception of differentiation.

At this point of the class, Rasec could not be more fascinated. He heard in the past these ideas about the nature of reality, that everything was an illusion that our brain creates, but he never took these things too seriously. He always found such topics entertaining, the kind of thing you could discuss with someone to freak him out or to capture his attention. But now, he was having the proof that these concepts were the accurate description of how the reality unfolds.

– Rasec, pay attention to the next exercise. Methul is going to try to punch you. You both guys know that the fist will be whatever information is applied to it. Methul will run the information of the fist as a solid thing and you Rasec will need to work to dismantle your default code and Methul’s one.

The two guys stare front of each other looking into their eyes. At the signal, Methul violently swung the fist to hit Rasec’s chest. But to his surprised, it crossed the Rasec’s body as if it was made of air and fell on the floor as he lost the balance. Rasec could feel how his body was transforming into some sort of holographic texture and how the entire matter from Methul’s arm was crossing it with no interference with him.

The Mind Master observed the entire thing with a smile. They achieved a superior level of understanding and control. Both were ready to for the next level.

Exercises were increasing their complexity and intensity, so Rasec knew that the next one was going to be big. Something really shaking and extreme. And he knew he was in a dream, so he was concerned that a very strong emotion perceived during the dream might wake him up and stop the process he was having. He did not wanted the dream to finish. He knew that the experience was having was real. This dream was a chance to get answers straight from the universe. So this was an opportunity for answers….. He took the chance of a small break and prompted a question before he could wake up.

– Master, I would like to ask you a question.
– What is it?
– Who are we? I mean, humans…. who are we? What is the purpose of our existence?

The Mind Master took few seconds before he responded.

– Each of you are conscience units that are part of one whole superconscience. Imagine that each of you are units of memory belonging to a supercomputer. Each of you have the mission of collecting data from experiencing life. That is why everyone has a different life to live. And as you live your life, you collect data independently but that all merges into the whole superconscience. We all are independent units creating one single being.

And that was the strong emotion he feared would wake him up! At 4.30 am Rasec woke up all of a sudden and remained thinking for a long moment.

He remembered a quote from someone stating that the nature of the human being is dual: heaven and earth, consciousness and matter, soul and body, “one divine, imaginative mind, capable of rising to heaven and another mind subject to space, to time and matter destined for death and decomposition”. And on that specific moment Rasec felt he was between the two. He closed the eyes to back to sleep while an inner voice was saying:

‘The universe is made of matter. Matter is made of energy. Energy is made of data. The universe is data…… Forever’

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