The Hamburguer

(A different meal, Santa Monica – 13/09/2018)

– What brings you here?
– I don’t know…. I was just passing by, saw you and want to give it a try.

I didn’t really want to tell her that part of me was curious what the outcome would be, considering where I am at the moment, and that part of me was sceptical about it. Money, as usual, was the balancing factor. I could decide what kind of treat I could give to myself. A hamburger or this one, both they would cost me the same.

– So what do you want to address?
– Nothing in particular, I am here with an open view. Whatever comes through will be good.
– Well…. since is a very generic request, we will remain in that field: a mixed of ‘flavours’ of your past, present and future, all combined to define your personality.
– That is ok. I have to say I am not hiding from you. The fact I am not looking into your eyes is because I need to get my ear close to your mouth so I can hear you well. There is lot of background noise here.
– Yes, I know. No need to say, but thanks.
– Ok.

I tried to remain as inexpressive as possible whilst I wanted to be polite. Difficult balance, although when you work in corporate world you need to master that skill.

– You are smiling to me. You are very smiley person, but the reality is that there is lot of sadness and loneliness inside of you. You have been let down in the past by those around you, so you don’t trust a lot now. You only trust a limited number of people in your life. You only allow few to be close to you. That also determines your work and professional interaction. You like, you need, to be your own boss.
– Mmm…. ok. I am listening.
– The thing is that, despite that, you dedicate yourself to give. To give to the others, to help the others, to teach the others…. Is easier to for you to give than receive, because you tend to not trust. So giving is easier.
– I see.

Never thought about myself on those terms. But I kept on listening.

– You have been through a period of suppression. You are a creative being, but your creativity has been inhibited over the past years, creating a rift in your inner you. But from this point of your life forwards, creativity is going to be the main drive for your job. Creativity is going to thrive. You will connect with that side of yourself.
– Interesting to hear…
– Yes, your life is going to be a long one. And better times are coming ahead. But your love life has been going through a bumpy period, with someone drifting in and out, without a proper settlement. I have to tell you that this relationship has now come to a point of stagnation. There is not going to be progress in love for a while. It will be a still period.
– Mmmm…. that is not very optimistic output….
– I know, but you don’t have to worry. You are entering a period of light. Everything will be fine.

Her fingers, that were gently touching my hand, withdrew. I slowly started to close my palm and retrieved my hand back towards myself. I did not know what to think. Pretty generic? Or pretty accurate? How many of us would find the above relevant to themselves?

In any case, it was my esoteric hamburger which I enjoyed to have. And, like any type of fast food, it will take a while for the body to digest.

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